When to consult Pediatric Pulmonologist?

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If there are a lot of complaints about:

  1. Cough that is seasonal or persistent throughout the year and is not being treated with standard medications.
  2. Nocturnal cough is also known as night cough or barking cough.
  3. TB/chronic disease — persistent fever with loss of appetite/weight loss.
  4. Chest shadowing or pneumonia on a regular basis.
  5. Breathing difficulty/noisy breathing/snoring/disturbed night sleep
  6. Bulky, oily, foul-smelling loose stools and abdominal pain indicate a chronic chest condition.
  7. Sneezing/Nose block/Nose itching/Nasal discharge on a regular basis.
  8. “Cold in the chest” – A persistent cold causes chest difficulties such as loud breathing.
  9. Sinusitis is characterised by a thick nasal discharge, a headache, facial puffiness, and snoring.
  10. At rest and during exercise or running, there is a lack of breath.

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