Test for Tuberculosis

We provide a full diagnosis of tuberculosis at our facility.

Take a thorough medical history and physical examination first.

CBC with ESR, LFT, KFT, and Gene XPert are the second blood tests.

The third Mantoux test has been completed.

Sputum analysis using the induced sputum technique or bronchoscopy is the fourth step.

Dr. Jasmeet K Wadhwa, a leading tuberculosis expert, diagnoses TB and begins therapy according to conventional standards.

At each visit, the patient is followed up on and advised to acquire his medications. His weight and physical examination are also performed.

The patient is advised to take his or her medications on a regular basis, and after a few tests and a sufficient period of treatment, the patient is advised to discontinue treatment. He is monitored for the first six months after quitting treatment to see if there is a relapse or new disease.