Sweat Chloride Estimation

Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis & Chest Diseases

There are three rare chest disorders that are not commonly diagnosed. They necessitate skilled advice and treatment. Cystic fibrosis is one of the rare inherited lung illnesses. It’s suspected in children who have a recurring cough, pneumonia (lung patch), a persistent wet cough or thick tenacious sputum, salty sweat, loose bulky or oily stools, abdominal pain, and aren’t gaining weight or prospering well.

If your child exhibits these symptoms at an early age, such as before the age of one year, visit an expert and begin an investigation for this disease.

Our facility is well-equipped to diagnose and treat this uncommon condition. Dr. Jasmeet K Wadhwa specializes in diagnosing children with rare disorders such as cystic fibrosis, suppurative or intestinal lung disease, and congenital lung diseases.

Stool, sweat, chest X-ray, sputum analysis, and other specialized tests such as Bronchoscopy and Lung Function Test are required for patients suspected of having cystic fibrosis. Sweat Chloride Estimation is a crucial test for cystic fibrosis diagnosis.

Following the completion of the Sweat Chloride Estimation test, the kid is started on the proper treatment and chest physiotherapy. Children with various chest problems are seen at this center on a regular basis.

At regular intervals, detailed counselling, PFT, Chest Physiotherapy, and growth monitoring are performed.

Some chest disorders necessitate chest physiotherapy to clear mucus from the airways, allowing the patient to breathe easily and cough-free.