Treatment of Sinusitis, Adenoid & Tonsils Enlargement

Treatment of Sinusitis, Adenoid & Tonsils Enlargement

• The Nose, Larynx, and Vocal Cords are all part of the upper respiratory system. The upper respiratory tract may be infected or allergic. This can result in expansion of the adenoids, bilateral tonsil hypertrophy, or sinus infection.

• Symptoms such as nasal block, running nose, snoring, disturbed sleep, fever, and cough may occur more frequently at night or while lying down. The patient may cough up liquid or create sputum that is white, yellow, or greenish in color.

• At our center, we do a thorough examination of any kid or teenager who exhibits these symptoms and distinguish between upper and lower respiratory tract infections.

• Being patient is a good idea. Adenoids X-ray, Sinus X-ray are examples of investigations that aid in diagnosis. Sleep studies are recommended if symptoms are severe, such as obstructive sleep apnea or nighttime sleep obstruction.

• [The patient is given treatment in the form of oral or nasal drugs] based on the clinical and diagnostic tests.

• Dr. Jasmeet Kaur Wadhwa is a renowned pulmonologist and allergist who expertly manages and treats patients suffering from such conditions.