When is the need of Bronchoscopy?

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  1. Dr. Jasmeet K Wadhwa is an Indian bronchoscopist with extensive expertise.
  2. Bronchoscopy is a process in which a small scope is placed into the patient’s airways to view the lung pipes and collect a sample of sputum from an infected lung.
  3. Patients with noisy breathing, recurring chest shadows, chest TB, pneumonia, or persistent lung disorders must have it.
  4. It aids in the removal of secretions from the airways and the collection of sputum samples from the lungs.
  5. This aids in the accurate diagnosis of patients with tuberculosis or pneumonia in the chest.
  6. It is used to diagnose structural/congenital issues in a small child who is breathing loudly.
  7. It is a safe operation that is performed under light anaesthesia in a hospital setting.

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