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Centre of excellence in managing Pneumonia, Asthma, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Allergy, Rhino-sinusitis and Chest Diseases

Centre provides latest, scientifically proven treatment and best management of patients suffering from cough, noisy breathing, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, bronchitis, rhinitis/ nasal itching/discharge/block, snoring, sinusitis, ear, nose and skin allergies, recurrent pneumonia, tuberculosis, Drug resistant tuberculosis and other chest diseases.

Dr Jasmeet Kaur Wadhwa is top leading and best renowned Pediatric Pulmonologist or chest specialist in Delhi, India. She has recently been awarded Internationally recognized degree as European Diplomate of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine by ERS (European respiratory Society) on successfully passing P-HERMES exam at Asian Pediatric Pulmonology Society (APPS) conference at Beijing, China in Dec 2018. . She has received intensive training as fellow from AIIMS, New Delhi in Pediatric Pulmonology for three years under guidance of Dr S K kabra. She has over 15 years experience in managing children and adolscents with chest diseases, asthma, allergy, pneumonia, tuberculosis and congenital or chronic chest diseases.

She is one of very few practicing Pediatric Pulmonologist in India.
The Centre is well equipped in providing specialized tests that are internationally and nationally approved based on updated guidelines.
Pulmonary function test (> 3-4 years of age) – Updated Standardized Lung Test Flexible Fibre Optic Bronchoscopy (visualizes airways & collecting sputum samples) Skin Prick test - (Allergy Test- Highly specific, internationally proven test), Sleep study (Sleep problems, chronic snoring, restlessness, fatigue, sleep apnea) Tuberculosis test- Montoux (5Tu), Sputum test & Blood Test

Dr Jasmeet Kaur Wadhwa
European Diplomate of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine (ERS 2018)
Fellowship Pediatric Pulmonology (AIIMS)

Senior Consultant Pediatric Pulmonologist,
Neonatal and Pediatric Interventional
Bronchoscopist & Allergist
Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute. Paschim Vihar, New Delhi
B L Kapur Super Speciality Hospital, Pusa Road, New Delhi

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When to consult Pediatric Pulmonologist?

If there is repeated complaints of

  • Cough – seasonal or all through out year and not getting treated with routine medicines
  • Nocturnal cough - Night cough / Harsh or barking cough
  • Persistent fever with loss of appetite/weight loss –TB/chronic disease
  • Recurrent Chest shadows or pneumonia
  • Noisy breathing/snoring/disturbed night sleep/breathing difficulty
  • Passage of bulky/oily/foul smelling loose stools and pain abdomen- Chronic chest problem
  • Persistent Sneezing/Nose block/Nose itching/Nasal discharge
  • “Cold going to chest” - Constant cold resulting in chest problems like noisy breathing
  • Sinusitis - Thick Nasal discharge, Headache, Face swelling, Sleep disturbance/Snoring
  • Breathlessness on exertion or running and at rest
  • Chest tightness - Chest discomfort or pain
  • Wheezing - Whistling sound from chest or noisy breathing
  • Allergy - Skin, Eyes, Nose itching or redness or discharge
  • Vernal or eye redness/Skin rash or Atopic dermatitis

When is the need of Bronchoscopy?

  • Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa is well experienced & leading Bronchoscopist in India
  • Bronchoscopy is a procedure through which a small scope is inserted in patient’s airways so as to see the lung pipes and collect sputum sample from infected lung
  • It is required in patients with noisy breathing/recurrent chest shadows/ chest tuberculosis/ pneumonia or chronic lung diseases.
  • It helps in clearing secretions from the air pipes, collects sputum samples from lung
  • It helps in correct diagnosis of patients with chest tuberculosis or pneumonia
  • It diagnose structural/congenital problems in a small child with noisy breathing
  • It is a safe procedure done in hospital settings with mild sedation

When to suspect Tuberculosis?

  • Fever going on for weeks or months
  • Cough – Dry or moist for weeks or months
  • Not eating well or loss of weight
  • Pain abdomen/loose motions/notice any swelling in neck or axilla/ Chest pain
  • Patch on chest Xray or family h/o Tuberculosis
  • Meet the Pulmonologist, may require Chest Xray/Blood test/Sputum/Bronchoscopy
  • Proper diagnosis and good treatment cures the disease.