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What is Childhood Asthma?

Childhood Asthma is diagnosed or suspected if he has repeated cough with or without noisy breathing/wheezing or fast breathing. If such eps are recurrent, occuring once or twice in a month or continuously for 2 to 3 month , there may be family h/o allergies or asthma in parents or other siblings, then the child may have childhood or early onset Asthma

Does all child who coughs has Asthma?

Many times child has cough with running nose/ nose block or sinusitis /snoring. The cough can be more troublesome in night or while lying down. He may not have difficulty in breathing or wheezing. Still child has cough variant asthma. This can be further investigated by performing Lung Function Test that helps in diagnosing asthma Child may require Imaging of sinuses or adenoids. It can be treated by proper medicines.

Does all children with asthma has difficulty in breathing or noisy chest?

No, Child with asthma may have only symptom of cough that can be dry or moist, may increase on exercise, physical activity like dancing, running. He or She may have clear cheat, means no sounds from chest. Lung function test should be performed by trained Pediatric Pulmonologist to diagnose asthma in such children

What is Lung Function Test?

This is a sophisticated internationally accepted test in which child or any patient breathes out inhaled air forcefully and long into a mouth piece fitted to a device. It measures the flow of air expelled fom the lung in one second or measures the entire volume of air expired over 3 or 6 sec. It is a child friendly test with incentives of blowing candles or balloon. It can be performed in a child as young as 3- 4yrs of age by trained Pediatric Pulmonologist. It senses the true obstruction in small airways of the chest of a child.

Is childhood asthma a life long disease or Taboo?

No, Childhood Asthma can start at early age of 1-2 years of age. It can increase if symptoms are persistent and there is family h/o allergy or asthma. With proper diagnosis or treatment, it can be totally controlled & treatable. The medicines or puff are given for adequate period of time with no side effects. This problem is controlled in months and may not relapse.

Does medications like inhaler or puff causes harm to my child?

No, If inhalers or puff prescribed by physician after through examination and are given via spacer with proper technique, then there are no side effects or long term growth problems. The inhaled steroids given via spacer are in micrograms as compared to steroids given by nebulizers (mg). so are of negligible side effects.

What to do, if my child has noisy breathing or persistent patch on Xray?

If a young child below 1-2 years has noisy breathing, feeding difficulty/ sleep problem, not growing well or vomiting in night or after feed, contact pediatric pulmonologist. The child may have congenital problem, like malacia or GER. He can be treated with medicines or may require Bronchoscop to see his airways to diagnose his problem.

Does a young child have tuberculosis?

If a child have persistent fever, cough, not feeding well, weight loss / not gaining weight or persistent chest shadows. There is a history of contact of any person having TB, then rush to doctor. Few tests are done, may require a bronchoscopy to get sputum specimen checked in a young child. With appropriate tests and medicines tuberculosis can be treated completely.

What is Gastro esophageal reflux?

Child with GER can have varied symptomss. Ihe may have early morning nausea or vomiting, gagging, not interested to drink milk or liquids , pain abdomen, cnight cough/coughs after feeds/ not gaining weight. It can increase asthma symptoms. it is treatable with proper medicines and proper diet.

What is Allergy?

Allergy is an increased sensitivity to allergens either inhaled by air or ingestion of allergic food products. It causes repeated cough/running nose/nasal itching /red or watery eyes/ breathing difficulty/wheezing or skin itching/rash.

What are Allergens and How does Allergy affects our body?

You can get allergic reactions from airborne allergens like House dust mite,pollens, insects, rice dust, wheat dust, house dust, fungal spores or from food like nuts, baker yeast, lentils, egg/milk/non veg. etc. It causes frequent cough, nasal congestion, skin rash, itching, breathing difficulty and sputum production. This can occur either on change of season or all throughout the year.
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What is Bronchitis/Asthma?

Bronchitis is swelling of main branches of lung i.e. Bronchi. It can cause frequent cough, post cough vomiting and breathing difficulty in children. It can be temporary or remain for long time
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Does children with Asthma, always have Asthma?

Asthma is not a Taboo. Childhood asthma is because of swelling of small lung pipes, which can block the air to pass and easily allows the mucus to block the lung pipe. If there is no family history of asthma or allergy then, most of the children get completely controlled on proper medicines.