Treatment of tuberculosis

Child or patients having on and of fever for more than 2 weeks, decrease appetite, not gaining weight or weight loss, mild cough or enlarging node/swelling at neck or abdominal pain/distension, not responding to antibiotics should be checked for Tuberculosis

Our centre is well equipped in diagnosing and managing patients with tuberculosis. Dr Jasmeet K. Wadhwa is leading Pulmonologist and Tuberculosis expert. She diagnose patient having tuberculosis by taking detail history and physical examination. Patient may require test in the form of tuberculin test and sputum analysis and Chest XRay and other Blood investigations.

Few patients may require higher investigations like CT scan or Bronchoscopy.

Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa is expert in managing patients with all forms of TB like chest, Lymph node, abdomen, Bone or brain. She is expert in diagnosing and giving correct treatment of Tuberculosis according to the sign and symptoms.

Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa is expert in managing patients with drug resistant TB or those who are not properly treated with adequate anti tubercular therapy.