Treatment of Wheezing, Asthma, Bronchitis

Our centre provides comprehensive management of patients suffering from chronic cough, bronchitis, Pneumonia, Childhood asthma, Wheezing below five years of age, Child or newborn with noisy breathing and other chest diseases.

Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa is a leading Pediatric Pulmonologist who is trained in managing patients with chest diseases.

First Anthropometric measurements are taken at reception – Height, weight, temperature.

Second Detail history regarding the disease starting from onset is taken. If child is less than 5 years, detail dietary and development history is taken from parents.

Thirdly Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa takes detail history of the illness and associated complaints.

We spend around 20 to 30 min with the patient and make a friendly atmosphere for a child.

After history, Detail physical examination is done that includes Throat, nose and ear examination Chest and other systems are examined according to the complaints

To make appropriate diagnosis patient may require specific Blood tests or specialized test such as Lung function test, Allergy Skin Test, sleep studies or Flexible Bronchoscopy. This is indicated according to the patient’s illness.

Lung Function Test can be done in the same sitting in the centre itself. It helps in making a diagnosis of Asthma or restrictive Lung disease. It helps in monitoring the patient illness.

Childhood Asthma is a very safe condition. It is not a form of chronic asthma that old people has. It can be controlled by oral or inhaled medications.

Childhood Wheezing is most common below 5 years of age. It is mostly after the child has episodes of cold or ear infections. Most of the time mother is afraid that now the cold will go to the chest. So if your child is not getting treated with oral medicines from general doctors. Do Not Panic. Do Not Go for alternate Therapy. You can TREAT the PROBLEM by consulting Pediatric PULMONOLOGIST.

At our centre we provide detail information of the illness, appropriate use of Inhaled Medicines. If your child has associated running nose or repeated vomiting or repeated ear infections that has to be treated simultaneously so that child’s quality of life improves and he can go to school regularly.

Older child can suffer from Chest Pain/Chest congestion/Blockage of Chest/ Breathlessnes

This problem has to be taken seriously as if not treated on time, it can take up a form of Chronic ASTHMA. Still Do Not Panic. There is treatment that is followed universally based on GINA or guidelines followed at United States, London , AIIMS and other esteemed govt hospitals in INDIA.

Appropriate Test are done in the form of Lung Function Test. We assess the severity of disease, and appropriate treatment in the form of oral or inhaled medicines are prescribed

Child has to come for regular follow up and in few months or yers the illness is completely treated or controlled.

There is no Habit or Side effects of Using Puff or Nebulizers or Inhaled medicines