Treatment of Upper Respiratory infections

• Upper respiratory tract includes Nose, Larynx, Vocal cords. There can be infection or allergy in the upper respiratory tract. This can lead to Adenoids enlargement, Bilateral tonsils enlargement or sinus infection.

• Patient can have symptoms like Nasal block, running nose, snoring , disturbed sleep, fever and cough more in night or while lying down. Patient can have wet cough or produces sputum that can be white or yellow or greenish in color

• At our centre we do complete check up of child or an adolescent having these symptoms and differentiate between upper and lower respiratory tract infections.

• Patient is advice Investigation that helps in diagnosis such as Xray of Adenoids, Sinus. If symptoms are severe in form of obstructive sleep apnea or obstruction of sleep in night than Sleep studies is advised.

• According the clinical and diagnostic test [atient is advised treatment in the form of oral or nasal medications.

Dr Jasmeet Kaur Wadhwa is leading Pulmonologist and Allergist that manages and treats patients with such disorders completely