Treatment of Recurrent Pneumonia or Lung patch

Patient with Lung Patch or pneumonia can have
1 High fever, Breathing Difficulty or Chest pain/ recurrent cough/fast breathing
2 With above symptoms, he /she can have decrease appetite, weight loss, wet cough
3 Child may have recurrent vomiting, wheezing or noisy chest
4 Can suspect tuberculosis of chest
5 Can have Right sided lung patch associated with cough/vomiting/noisy chest or gastro esophageal reflux disease

Pneumonia patch can be Viral/Bacterial/Aspiration/ Tubercular Sputum sample can be collected if patient takes out or via specialized test Bronchoscopy Investigations
1 Chest X Ray
2 Flexible Bronchoscopy to clear secretions or collect sputum samples
3 If require Usg Chest/CECT Chest

Dr Jasmeet Kaur Wadhwa is a renowned; best and well trained Bronchoscopist in Delhi, India who does Neonatal, Pediatric and Adolescent/Adult Bronchoscopy in patients whose pneumonia is not treated with medicines or take sputum sample from suspected TB patients for correct diagnosis and treatment. Via bronchoscopy secretions are sucked out and blocked airways are cleaned so that pneumonia patch is treated especially in young child whose pneumonia is not getting treated by high dose iv antibiotics for a very long time

We share our experience of managing a case of seven-month-old child having persistent patch in both right and left lung for one month, requiring oxygen and having fast breathing. Case was referred to Dr Jasmeet for bronchoscopy as he was not getting treated by iv antibiotics going on for more than 15 -20 days.

She performed flexible bronchoscopy and clear secretions from both right and left lung. Child improved and recovered fast. Chest Xray became better and child discharged.

You can visualize the Pre Bronchoscopy Chest Xray and CT pictures and post scopy Xray of the child in another page under the heading Achievements