Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis & Chest Diseases

Three are some rare chest diseases which are not diagnosed routinely. They require expert opinion and specialist care. One of the rare genetic lung diseases is cystic fibrosis. It is suspected in child having recurrent cough, pneumonia (lung patch), repeated wet cough or thick tenacious sputum, salty sweat, may have loose bulky or oily stools/ abdominal pain and not gaining weight or thriving well.

If you find such complaints from very young age or below 1 year of age in your child consult the expert and start investigations for this disease.

Our center is well equipped to diagnose or manage this rare disease. Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa is expert in diagnosing child with rare disease like cystic fibrosis, suppurative or intestinal lung diseases and various congenital lung diseases.

Patient suspected to have cystic fibrosis requires stool test, sweat test, Chest Xray, sputum analysis and other specialized test like Bronchoscopy and Lung Function Test. Sweat Chloride Estimation is an essential test to diagnose cystic fibrosis.

Once the test are completed child is started on appropriate treatment and , Chest Physiotherapy. Children are following in this centre with various chest diseases at regular intervals

Detail counseling, PFT, Chest Physiotherapy and growth monitoring is done at regular intervals.

Some chest diseases require chest physiotherapy so as to clear sputum from airways, in this manner patient is able to breathe freely and without cough