Treatment of Allergic Disorders

Allergy is an over-sensitivity of our immune system to a variety of irritant or trigger factors in the environment. It is a complex relationship of genetic, environment and immune system

Some patients have episodic symptoms, at change of weather and some patients have signs and symptoms throughout the year. Those who have genetic history of asthma, allergy and bronchitis they have more chances of suffering from allergic disorders.

Child or patients can be sensitized to many outdoor or indoor allergens like House dust mite, pollens, dust, fungus and insects or dogs. There can be certain food allergens that are allergenic like nuts, baker yeast, legumes egg and others.

At our center, Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa takes detail history of patient’s living, any exposure of child to indoor and outdoor allergens either at school or home. Skin Prick test is advised after doing complete Physical examination and detail history. NOT ALL Patients require Skin Test.

Skin Prick Test is a specific allergen test that identifies indoor and outdoor allergens with accuracy. This test can be performed above 1 year of age. We have done at 18 month child. Many children are benefitted of this test as Parents comes to know the allergen/s. Proper list of avoidance of allergens is given after the test. In those patients where avoidance is not possible and they are exposed or sensitized to pollens/ insects or cannot change the place of living , then they are advised immunotherapy. This can be in the form of Injections or oral therapy.

SKIN PRICK TEST is not PAINFUL not done by giving injections. There is NO BLEED. There are no side effects if done with all precautions. It is done with small lancet. touched on the skin of forearm, there will be itching and redness that will decrease after 10 to 15 min. The reaction is measured and results are given in the same sitting.

Our Centre is well equipped in performing Allergy Skin Prick Test. It is done in 15 to 20 min . Around and at least 30-40 allergens can be tested after taking detailed history and physical examination..

Identifying the Allergen, avoidance/or Immunotherapy is the step to halt Atopic March. It halts the diseases and prevents patients of Atopic Dermatitis/Rhinitis to develop Asthma

It is indicated in patients or child who has genetic history of allergic disorder/ persistent allergic rhinitis/relapses on treatment of allergic disorder/repeated dermatitis or urticaria