Sleep studies for OSA disorders

Our centre provides facility of Sleep studies evaluated by Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa

A sleep study is a test that records your child's sleeping patterns.- known as polysomnogram

Why my child needs Sleep Studies
1.  Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS)
If your child is persistently snoring because of some obstruction in upper respiratory tract specially those having enlarged tonsils and adenoids, tissue in the back of the nasal cavity. Between ages 3 and 5 "the airway is still small but the tonsils and adenoids are at their largest, that cause obstruction and disrupts the sleep or sometimes halts respiration for few seconds i.e apnea There is snoring, labored breathing, witnessed apnea, gasping, mouth-breathing, or sleeping in unusual positions (such as with the neck hyperextended). Failure to thrive or not gaining adequate height and weight.

2.  To evaluate infants and children with suspected pathologic central apnea, periodic breathing or central hypoventilation.

What a sleep study records
1.  During a sleep study, wires attached to the head monitor brain waves that reveal which stage of sleep a person is in. Leads attached next to the eyes can capture eye movement, useful for revealing when a patient is in rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep. Leads on the legs measure limb movement. Bands around the chest and abdomen can show how hard a child is working to breathe. Probes at the nose and mouth measure air flow and temperature. A monitor placed on a finger measures blood oxygen levels A sleep technologist will perform the test Sleep studies record the following things brain waves, heartbeat, eye movements, leg movements, breathing patterns and oxygen levels
2.  Sleep technologists are people who are trained to perform tests on the machines in the hospital.

How to help your child get ready for the sleep study
1.  On the day of the sleep study, try to keep your child's routine as normal as possible. Changing your child's routines will not help the test. For example, if your child usually takes a nap in the day, he or she should take a nap on the day of the study.

Results of Sleep studies are given by a specialist in the form of scores. It guides if patient requires medical or surgical management of his problems