Pleural fluid Aspiration & Chest Physiotherapy

Pleural Fluid Aspiration means tapping abnormal fluid collection from the pleura

This can be in patients with pneumonia- viral or bacterial, Tuberculosis or any chronic chest infections

It helps in diagnosing disease by tapping the fluid and sending for further tests.

It is a safe OPD procedure

Chest Physiotherapy

Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa is skilled Pulmonologist specialized in performing chest physiotherapy in patients with chest diseases, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia with sputum filled bronchioles i.e Suppurative lung diseases.

Chest Physiotherapy is done at our centre. Perfect and effective way of performing this test is by hands by cupping and clapping maneuver.

We can use physiotherapy for collection of sputum in cases of chest diseases.

It is very useful in children as it helps in clearing the airways which a child cannot do easily

It is done in various positions

Dr Jasmeet K wadhwa herself performs this test in her clinic.