Neonatal and Pediatric Flexible Fibre Optic Bronchoscopy

Dr Jasmeet K Wadhwa is a leading & renowned Neonatal and Pediatric Bronchoscopist in Delhi, India. She has attained this skill from AIIMS (New Delhi) under the mentorship of Dr S K Kabra. She has attended and organized Pediatric Bronchoscopy Workshops and CME over a decade. She has performed bronchoscopies in neonates and premature babies (1.5Kg) with Lung pneumonia, collapse or on mechanical ventilation.

There are case series of children who are diagnosed by Dr Jasmeet after performing bronchoscopy with vocal cord problems, malacia, trache-oesophageal fistula and others. She has also treated repeated pneumonia in child after bronchoscopy

Flexible Bronchoscopy is a very specialized and safe procedure done in the hospital with a team of technician and Junior doctors in bronchoscopy suit. Child is kept nil orally a previous night. During the procedure child is awake and breathing normally, only local application of anesthetic spray or mild sedation is required. It is a very short procedures, completed in minutes.

By performing bronchoscopy the doctor visualizes upper airway (Nose, palate, vocal cords) and lower airway (trachea or lung pipes) of patient. It can be done in all age groups. It is indicated in a child who has recurrent pneumonia, one part of lung has collapsed or has infections or obstruction in any part of lung due to mucus plug or foreign body .

It can be performed in following patients or child
1. Child with noisy breathing since birth and recurrent pneumonia
2. Sudden onset of cough or noisy breathing noticed by parents
3. Child or patient having repeated pneumonia and fever and chest X Ray showing patch
4. Patient with Chest TB, to obtain sputum for testing
5. Very useful in-patient with suspected drug resistant Chest TB
6. Done in child having stridor or noisy sound or cough post feeding

If your doctor says that child is having recurrent patch in the chest or some blockage in the chest, then seek Pediatric Pulmonologist advise who is skilled in performing this test

Dr Jasmeet Kaur Wadhwa is well experienced, best and top Pediatric bronchoscopist in Delhi, India. She has a record of performing over 3000- 4000 Pediatric bronchoscopies in her tenure