Know about Diseases

Patient having repeated cough, noisy breathing, running nose, repeated nasal discharge, headache, repeated vomiting, fever, breathing difficulties, chest pain, ear discharge, urticaria, skin allergy, rash or swelling at any site can suffer from various respiratory diseases

Allergic Rhinitis Allergic rhinitis is an allergy of the nose and sinuses. The patient has sneezing, runny nose, nasal itching, nasal blockage and sinus type of headache. It can be due to various causes. There are many irritants or outdoor or indoor allergens that cause high sensitivity in nasal passage. It is generally ignored by parents till the time child has high fever, constant headache or if it progresses to Asthma. Timely intervention and treatment will prevent these complications

Allergic Sinusitis. It is inflammation of the sinuses. It is due to infection or allergy. Patient can have nasal stuffiness, discharge that can be mucoid or watery. There can be associated headache and fever.

Childhood Asthma It is a condition characterized by repeated coughing, noisy breathing, on and off cold, fast breathing or breathing difficulty. Many a times it is not diagnosed. Patients pass it off as “bronchitis” or “allergy” or “colds”. Childhood Asthma is not same as Old People Asthma. It is completely controlled and Treated with appropriate medications. DO NOT PANIC with Diagnosis of ASTHMA. DO NOT TAKE ALTERNATIVE THRAPY. If treatment is not taken on time then it progressively gets worse and can become Chronic Asthma
Bronchitis It is also called bronchial inflammation or swelling. Patient can have cough with sputum. It can be because of virus or bacteria

Urticaria or Atopic dermatitis This is because of constant itching and rash on body. Most common cause of acute urticaria is exposure to aeroallergens. It can be because of insect bite or mite or exposure to other outdoor allergens such as pollens, insects and dust or by ingestion of offending food allergen such as nuts, milk or legumes.

WALRI (Wheeze Associated Lower Respiratory tract infections)/ Wheezing or Noisy Chest This is a very common condition seen in children below 5 years. In this child has repeated cold followed with noisy breathing, whistling sounds come from the chest and child has mild breathing difficulty, This happens more often in children during winters or change of season , child is otherwise active but has repeated cough and post cough vomiting . Parents are giving salbutamol nebulizers but child is getting partial relief, an not getting fine completely. The condition is completely controlled and treated with proper medications

Recurrent Snoring
This condition is seen in few children, Child has stuffy or blocked nose, Most of the time he breathes from Mouth. Keeps the mouth open at night and snores. It can be troublesome if he has episodes of cold and fever. He can have disturbed sleep, dry mouth, day time lethargy and on and off fever and decreased growth. The child can have enlarged adenoids or tonsils. He needs appropriate treatment in the form of X Ray or Sleep studies according to the severity and right medications.

This condition is because of infection of lung. It is not congestion of nose or airway tract. This can happen in any child who is exposed to viral or bacterial organism. In this child is little sick, having fever, constant coughing and fast breathing. If child is below one year, do not waste time. Seek your Pediatrician help or consult Pediatric Pulmonologist. If timely diagnosed It can be treated with proper medications.

This is because of infection in the body due to tubercle bacilli. It can be acquired if child is exposed to people or adult having TB in the family, neighbor, school or some constant visitor at home. The source of infection may not be found in many cases. If patient is having fever for more than ten days, not responding with treatment, repeated cough/wet cough/swelling in the side of neck or around the neck. If child is not eating well or losing weight, then seek doctor or pediatric Pulmonologist advice. It can be TB of chest, Lymphnode or Brain or any other organ of the body. Condition is completely treated if timely diagnosed.

Cystic Fibrosis
This is the genetic and rare disorder in which child has recurrent pneumonia, wet cough, salty sweat, repeated loose and bulky motions, Mother can notice oil droplet in stool of child . The child eats normally but has weight loss and is not growing well, The condition can be symptomatically treated if diagnosed early, If you any signs and symptoms than contact Pediatric Pulmonologist early.

Foreign Body Obstruction
Child below 3years can have foreign body obstruction in the lung pipe. It is some time unnoticed by mother, or suddenly notice that child is having noisy breathing or having cough or respiratory problem, Many times child has choking or bouts of coughing that is seen by family members. The child or toddler has habit of putting things like almonds, groundnut, plastic object small plastic whistle cap or plastic pin in the mouth and if he cries or laugh during that time than he can inhale that object in his lung pipe that can cause obstruction either at vocal cords or trachea or deep in the lung Pipe. This is emergency Seek your Pediatrician or Pediatric Pulmonologist advice immediately

Chronic Lung Diseases (Suppurative or Interstitial Lung Diseases)

Patient can have dry or wet long standing cough with difficulty in breathing. This happens in little older child. It can be congenital ie at birth or because of other lung infections. It need Chest XRay or CT chest. Condition can be treated according to the disease and time of presentation Area