AllergyTest and Immunotherapy

This test is a very useful specific allergy test. It is indicated in patients

1. Episodic skin allergy in the form of rash, swelling, intense itching.
2. Persistent or recurrent allergic rhinitis relapsing after stopping medications
3. Known family history of allergy to pollens, food or drugs
4. Patients who are constant exposed to house dust, chemicals, smoke or allergen that cannot be avoided
5. Patients or child has constant exposure to insects. Dense vegetation or grass e.g. children can be sensitized to pollens if palying outside near grass or vegetations , sensitized to insects if living near garbage area or market place where there is exposure to insects or dust

This test is done with the set of standardized allergens that include aeroallergens (allergens in the air – outdoor or indoor) such as dust mite, pollens, fungus, dust, insects or dog dander. Patients are mostly sensitized to any of the aeroallergens that they are unaware and only have sign or symptoms of allergy. So it is necessary to identify these allergens and take appropriate steps of avoidance or treatment in the form of Immunotherapy.

There is also set of Food allergens like nuts, baker yeast, almonds, non-veg items, egg, citrus lemon and other allergenic products that can also be tested

This test is done on the patient’s forearm. Drop of allergens is put on the forearm and gently sin is touched or prick or lift with fine lancet. Allergen seeps in and after 5 to 10 min reaction starts in the form of itching or redness. This wheal is measured in 15 minutes and reaction measured

It is a Safe Test, There is NO Bleed or Pain

Report is available in the same sitting and patient is told regarding avoidance of allergens

If allergen test is positive to any of the allergens and that allergen cannot be avoided than we advise the patient Immunotherapy with the sensitized allergens. These are the small doses in diluted form of allergen s given to patient in injectable or oral form